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ACC Global Media Interviews Jean Erickson Walker

Who’s in Control Here?

The old style of management assumed the manager did the thinking and the worker did the job.  As Henry Ford once said, “What I want is a good pair of hands, unfortunately I must take them with a person attached.”  Those days are gone forever. Read more > 

Leading Across the Generational Chasm

Jeff Halseth is a 58 year old senior manufacturing manager, a high energy, charismatic leader with an MBA from Stanford and broad experience across multiple industries.  He has never met a challenge that didn’t spark his competitive spirit…until now.  Dealing with five generations in the workplace has become his Waterloo.  He’s perplexed, out of patience, stymied by confusing signals, and downright frustrated. Read more >

Finding the Path

Trendy strategies and time-worn techniques of leadership don’t have a lot of credibility in a world that is changing at exponential rates. Ten years ago, social media wasn’t a factor in our daily lives, fifteen years ago, you had to look hard and long to find an executive with a laptop on his (yes, his) shoulder or a cell phone in his pocket.  They had little people to take care of these things for them.

You can’t live or lead like you lived or led in the past because the future is unclear when you don’t know the factors that will determine how you and everyone else functions.  Read more >

Differentiating Yourself in the Marketplace

The single biggest obstacle to selection or promotion is the inability to differentiate yourself from your competitors.  Older workers find this the most difficult.  You have a multiplicity of life and professional experiences.  Yet, when your resume is placed alongside ten others with like functional backgrounds, job titles, companies and industries, there isn’t a nickel’s worth of difference. Resumes at this stage of your career are remarkably the same.  Read more >