Executive Coaching Services

Partners in Success
Coaching is a one-on- one process that focuses on the success of the leader. We are partners and I only take on clients who care as much about their lives as I do.

I will:

  • Challenge you to take control of your life and your career
  • Provoke you through thoughtful consideration of the issues involved in leadership
  • Inspire and motivate you to challenge your own expectations and to stretch your limits
  • Tickle your imagination and urge you to question, “What if?”
  • Guide you through mid-life career transition and purposeful preparation for the next phase of your career

Who are my clients?

  • Leaders and Senior Managers
  • Leadership Teams
  • Hi Potential Individuals slated for leadership
  • People at senior levels seeking new job opportunities

Consider how you would like to learn and grow in your career and professional effectiveness. What opportunities have slipped by? Could your leadership team be more effective? Is your own leadership style getting you where you want to go or getting in your way? Let’s talk about the next steps to reach your top potential. Discover what you can be and then take the steps to get there.

What are the benefits?

  • Discuss current issues with a thoughtful, objective career professional who understands the marketplace
  • Gain perspective and enhance your understanding of yourself and others.
  • Inspire commitment, using the power of leadership to energize others
  • Explore the possibilities for your future and design a career path that leverages your strengths
  • Develop a compelling brand image that differentiates you in the marketplace

Public Speaking: Keynote Addresses, Seminars and Workshops

  • Management vs Leadership
  • The Seven Powers of Leadership
  • Strategies for Leadership Excellence
  • Across the Generational Divide
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: Why is it people with high IQ so often end up working for people with high EQ?
  • ReInventing Your Career
  • Differentiating Yourself in the Marketplace
  • The Age Advantage: Making the most of your mid-life career transition
  • Turning Boards of Directors into Business Partners
  • I Speak, You Speak: Is anybody Listening?
  • Getting the Job You Want When You’re Over 50
  • Starting Out on the Right Foot When You’re the New Boss
  • Judgment Notwithstanding: Making a Good Impression with Your New Boss

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